There is a javascript variable lyytiEnrollmentData set on the enrollment page. This is an object containing some information about the enrollment in progress. Depending on the status and stage of the enrollment and participant different information is available.

Using this object it is possible to send information about the participant or enrollment process to the analytics tool, or to customise the code depending on the stage of the enrollment process, like illustrated below.

lyytiEnrollmentData.eventInfromation about the event.Object
lyytiEnrollmentData.event.codeEvent enrollment code.String
lyytiEnrollmentData.event.idEvent IDInteger
lyytiEnrollmentData.ipVisitor IP address.String
lyytiEnrollmentData.languageEnrollment page language,two letter format
lyytiEnrollmentData.pageEnrollment page name, can be one of:
- password
- participants
- queue
- registration
- payment
- summary
- done
lyytiEnrollmentData.participantInformation about the participant.Object
lyytiEnrollmentData.participant.emailParticipant e-mail address, if available.String
lyytiEnrollmentData.participant.participateWeather or not the participant is participating to the event.Boolean
lyytiEnrollmentData.participant.statusParticipant enrollment status, can be one of:
- reserved
- confirmed
- unconfirmed
- on_line
- on_line_not_registered
lyytiEnrollmentData.participant.uidParticipant enrollment code.String