Event registration types

Lyyti events always have one of three different registration types. They are:

  • Registration as an individual
  • Registration with a companion
  • Registration as a group


Each registration type has a different structure!

Before adding participants to an event, you need to understand the logic and features of the registration type chosen for that particular event.

Registration as an individual


This is the most basic kind of registration logic. Registration process restricts the registration to a single individual person. This person receives all the communication from the event and acts as a single point of contact.

Registration with a companion


This registration type is for events where a person may attend alone or with an optional companion. The primary participant acts as a point of contact for invoices, confirmation emails and all automated messages. The event organiser may choose which additional emails are sent to the primary participant and which to the companion. In most cases, all communication is handled through the primary participant.

Registration as a group


A group registration may have questions for the group entity that are separate from the questions for an individual participant. A group also has a ”contact person”, who may or may not be a participant in the group. This person is set as the primary contact in group registrations and receives confirmation emails and invoices on behalf of the whole group.

By default, this registration type allows registrations of any number of participants. The event organiser may set the minimum or maximum number of participants in a single group, or limit the number of groups in the event.