Using a custom domain with Webpage Builder

Using a custom domain with Webpage Builder

The process here is quite simple. These are the steps for using a custom domain in Lyyti's Webpage Builder:

  1. Create a CNAME DNS record on your own domain server, pointing at
    For example: IN CNAME

  2. Contact Lyyti support after the CNAME record has been added. Lyyti will check that the CNAME record looks correct and do the rest of the setup.


  • The subdomain can be anything of your choosing. It does not have to begin with "events"., but it has to be a subdomain. Due to the nature of CNAME records, a domain root cannot be redirected. (For example, you cannot do IN CNAME
  • Lyyti cannot register domains or make DNS changes on the customer's behalf. This is outside the scope of the service we provide.