Resource to add waiting list registrations. Waiting list registrations are always added as a new registrations. Existing participants can't be moved to waiting list with this resource.

Participants' amount and participant types are set via participant_types parameter.

Key of array can be id of participant type or keyword "default", which can be used if event doesn't have participant types or has only one participant type.

In single registration amount of participants needs to be 1. In avec registration amount is either 1 or 2, but only one participant type can be used.

In group registration total amount of waiting list participants can be between 1 and 100 and there can be multiple different participant types. In group registration all participants will be added to the same group but every participant will have their own waiting list registration. This means that access to event can be granted to individual participants even though whole group won't fit into the event.

Returns 400 when required parameters are missing or invalid.

Returns 404 when event is not found.

Returns 409 when waiting list is not activated.